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By policy and preference, American Office Installers, Inc. reaffirms its continuing commitment to the precepts and the spirit of equal employment opportunity for all individuals employed by or seeking employment at our company. These individuals will not be discriminated against for reason of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin.

Hiring, work assignments, rates of pay, promotion, layoff, and recall will be based on conduct, attitude, dedication, personal and professional skill development, productivity, ability, loyalty, work quality, length of service, physical fitness, satisfactory attendance, adherence to all health and safety policies, and overall performance.

It shall be the concern of management to see that each employee shall have a safe and sensible place of employment and that the rights of each employee are upheld.

• Competitive Pay
• Health Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Yearly Profit-Sharing Bonus Plan

• Simple IRA Plan
• Over-Time
• Out of Town Travel / Job Sites
• Other Benefits

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